Our prices are per boat and not per person. All rental boat rates include service and transportation, life jackets, cushions and paddles appropriate to the boat and the paddlers. We do not charge by time as we want you to relax and enjoy yourselves. Aluminum 17’ Tandem canoes have two seated paddling positions and two center wells for extra passengers or gear. Maximum capacity is 650 lbs. Including passengers and gear. Generally we limit capacity to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. Coolers and gear may restrict occupancy. Kayaks are singles or doubles only and have limited gear space. Call us if you have specific occupancy or load questions. These rates cover most of our rental fleet. At times we may have specialty or high end boats available at different prices.

Boat type
Little Manatee River Trips
Other Waterways
Trip 1 Trip 2** Trip 3 Trip 4 Cockroach Bay* Braden River* Other Waterways
Tandem Canoe $40.00 $40.00 $43.00 $46.00 $49.00 $49.00 Call
Tandem Kayak $40.00 $40.00 $43.00 $46.00 $49.00 $49.00 Call
Single Kayak $31.00 $31.00 $34.00 $37.00 $40.00 $40.00 Call

*There may be a minimum revenue amount and/ or number of boat rentals required for certain trips to Cockroach Bay, Braden river and other waterways. Call for details and trip arrangements. Customized groups rates are available.

** Prices for Trip 2 may be $5 higher when the park canoe steps are closed and the picnic area is used as the pickup point. Please call for current pricing and availability.

All prices are plus sales tax where applicable and are subject to change without notice.

Group rates: We offer a $5.00 discount on canoes or double kayaks and a $4.00 discount on single kayaks to groups renting 6 or more boats in any combination. A 7 day advance reservation is required to get the group rate so we can better plan to serve your group. Please see our Group Trips page and call us to plan your outing.

Other Services

Ramp Fee:  If you own your own boat and want to do a paddle out and back trip or if you will arrange your own return transportation, you may use our launch and facilities for a ramp fee of $5.00 per boat.

Shuttle Service:  If you own your own boat, you may arrange for transportation of your boat and paddlers on our buses for Trips 1 - 4 on the Little Manatee River. Fee includes the use of the facilities and the transport. For Trips 1 & 2 the fee is $20 for the first boat, $15 for the second boat, and $10 for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th boat.  For Trips 3 & 4 the fee is $23 for the first boat, $18 for the second boat, and $13 for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th boat. Groups of 6 or more shuttle boats should call for special pricing.

Hourly rental: We encourage you to experience a full trip, one way with the current and take advantage of our services and transportation. However if you would like to rent a boat to paddle around, starting and stopping your paddling at the same point, we do offer 1/2 or full day hourly rentals also. For rentals beginning and ending at the Canoe Outpost,  for a canoe or double kayak, the cost is $26 for a 1/2 day of up to 4 hours and $39 for a full day of up to 8 hours. For single kayaks, the cost is $20 for a half day of up to 4 hours and $30 for a full day of up to 8 hours. Unlike the hourly rentals at the state park, our staff will handle all the equipment for you and assist you in launching and landing and all boats and equipment are cleaned after each use. Hourly rentals from the Canoe Outpost launch from 9:00 - 3:00 daily and must be returned by 5:00. If you prefer, you may begin and end your trip at our Trip 1 pickup point located 6 miles downstream for an additional $10 transportation charge per boat. This option is attractive for folks interested in fishing and may have a slight increased chance of seeing manatees. Less current, turns and obstructions also make this a good beginner level paddling area.

Off-Site Rentals: We do rent boats for off-site usage at Trip 1 rates for each 24 hour period. Rent for a week and get 2 days free. We require a charge card deposit equal to the value of the boat you choose.

River Camping: Boat rentals for river camping are charged at the Trip 1 rates for each day or part of a day. There is no charge for the actual primitive camping on the river.

Coupon - click on the coupon below and print it out for $2 off on your next canoe trip. If you have a smartphone, feel free to pull the coupon up on it at the register and save a piece of paper.

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Limit one coupon per canoe or kayak rented. Not applicable to tube rentals. may not be combined with any other offer or discount including paddle club cards. Coupon has no cash value.


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