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We invite you to review this information and we hope that it will help to answer some of the more frequent questions our customers have. However, there is no substitute for personal contact and we welcome your questions by phone or e-mail at any time.
See you on the river...

Days & Hours of Operation: The Canoe Outpost is open 7 days per week from 9AM to 5PM. Our paddling operations are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas but lodging and camping is still available on these days. We launch continuously each day from the outpost until 2:00 PM for Trip 1 and up until 3:00 PM for Trip 2. Buses leave the outpost to launch Trips 3 and 4 on the upper river at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM each day. Remember that paddling operations may be effected by weather and river conditions on a day by day basis so please call ahead to make sure that conditions are suited to your needs. Special arrangements may be made to fit your needs. Just call us.

Payments: We accept cash and credit (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or debit cards with the Mastercard or Visa logo. Checks may be accepted with prior approval.

Reservations: Reservations are accepted and encouraged. Advance reservations are required for all groups to receive the group rates. Please see our Reservations page on this web site for full reservation policies and information.

Check In: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before any scheduled or desired launch or departure time.

Parking : Parking is included with any service or rental. We recommend that you not leave valuables in your vehicle. We can not be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items. Larger vehicle and RV parking is usually available but you may wish to call to check on availability.

Liability: Canoe Outpost - Little Manatee River, Inc. Is a Florida corporation. We are independent of any other company using a like or similar name. We make efforts  to ensure a pleasant experience however, there are inherent risks. Canoe Outpost-Little Manatee River, Inc., Its employees or agents cannot assume liability for personal damages, loss or injury. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability at the time of your check in. You may download a PDF file of our liability release for review or to fill out before check in. Other terms and conditions apply. See details at the Canoe Outpost office. Florida Statute 327.54 applies.

Fishing: Fishing is permitted on all our trips. Freshwater fishing is primarily for large mouth bass, bluegill and blue catfish. Saltwater fishing at the mouth of the river is primarily for snook, trout, redfish and catfish.. You are responsible for adhering to local licensing and catch laws.

Prohibited Items: We do not allow any motorized boats, firearms, fireworks, chainsaws, radios, air or water balloons or Styrofoam items. We reserve the right to limit the amount of alcohol allowed on our trips and to refuse service to anyone. Additional rules related to camping or lodging at the outpost may be found on our Camping & Lodging web page.

Paddle Experience and Skill level: We do not make judgements as to your experience or skill level. When asked, we will try to give you an honest description of known conditions and hazzards so you may determine for yourself if the trip is appropriate for you and or your family.

Minimum Age: There is no minimum age to paddle. We have had kids as young as 6 take solo kayaks and folks up to 99 take canoes out and do fine. When asked, we will gladly give you an opinion as to the appropriate age for the trip and conditions. It is up to the individual or parent or gaurdian to make the final decision. There is however, a requirement that at least 1 person in the party be at least 18 years of age to be able to sign the rental agreements. Also, ALL PARTICIPANTS must sign our liability release. A parent or guardian must be present to sign the release for minor children even if the parent is not going on the trip. With prior approval, liability forms may be pre-signed.

Life Jackets (PFDs): The Canoe Outpost recommends that all paddlers wear a PFD at all times when on the water. We adhere to Florida law which requires that all persons under 6 years old wear a PFD at all times when on the water and that all persons have a PFD available in the boat for use. For kids between 6 and 18 years old, we defer to and enforce the parent’s wishes. Adults may choose to wear the PFD or have it in the boat.

Alligators & Wildlife: Alligators and wildlife are present in all of the waterways we paddle on and do present certain risks and hazards. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from wildlife and exercise good judgement in which activities you do and the conduct you use while on the waterway. Remember that it is illegal to feed or molest the wildlife.

Pet policy: Responsible pet owners are invited to bring their pets to the outpost and on paddling trips provided they are well behaved and friendly to people and other animals. Pets should never be left unattended and are required to be on a leash at all times while at the outpost. While on state park lands, all pets must be on a leash including while waiting for our return buses. Be aware that having a pet at the outpost or on the water increases your chance of interaction with wildlife, including alligators. While we love pets, we do prioritize people so if other customers object to your pet, you may be required to wait for the next shuttle bus or launch. Pets are allowed in our camping areas and in selected lodging units with prior approval. Please discuss your pet situation with us when you make your reservation. As with people, we reserve the right to refuse service and evict any pet deemed to be a problem.

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